The company Luxury Antonovich Design offers a wide range of bedrooms furniture from the best Italian factories, which are available to order and from stock. Italian bedroom furniture produced of high-quality materials and natural wood. All bed materials are tested and certified according to European legislation. During the work of our company we have selected reliable partner-factories, from which we purchase bedrooms furniture, and we will offer you the best option for the ratio "delivery time - quality - price". The design of bedrooms produced in Italy is made at the highest level and for every taste. The Italian bedroom is a guarantee of quality, sophistication, and durability. Purchasing a bedroom, you make a purchase at least for 10 years, during this time the bedroom will retain its original appearance. In the salons Luxury Antonovich Design you can buy Italian bedroom furniture of different manufacturers

Italian Bedroom Furniture

The quality of recreation determines our working efficiency and the quality of life in general. And since the main resting place in our life is the bedroom - to the furnishing of it is worth paying special attention, to take into account your own aesthetic requirements, and to guarantee the necessary level of comfort. Then a logical question arises: "Where to buy a bedroom?", And our resource comes to your help. The Italian bedroom is a very profitable investment. The service life of such furniture is decades, estimated.

Italian Art Nouveau bedroom

We will provide you with not only high-quality bedrooms with a reasonable price, but also provide a wide range of ideas that even the most demanding aesthetes will find something to taste.
What distinguishes Italian bedroom furniture among others?
Why is the Italian bedroom furniture one of the most expensive, but is in great demand? We will give you only a few compelling arguments, and dispel your doubts:
The hardwoods used by craftsmen for the manufacture of bedroom furniture sets ensure durability and the best condition of the products, and the material itself does not heavily the structures neither visually nor physically. A wide range of design ideas, implemented in the bedrooms, will allow you not to limit yourself in choosing between the appearance and their durability - here you can count on everything at once. When buying bedroom furniture in the "right" place, you buy the desired at a perfectly justified price and will enjoy not only the process of using the furniture but also from the service in our store. Our multiform, diverse catalog will allow you to realize your bold desires and vivid aspirations, to make the bedroom unique, cozy really comfortable for you.

Basic styles of Italian beds

Leadership traditionally belongs to the classic design of bedroom furniture, because, despite modern fashion trends, many people are still conservative in their views and prefer simplicity, elegance and good quality. The combination of these three components is fundamental, and you'll find an abundance of wood with carvings, combined with aesthetically pleasing smoothness and rigor of polished wood. A bedroom without a bed is not a bedroom, an Italian bed is the central element of a bedroom. In the classic, they can be decorated with carvings, inlays or simply have a soft stitched headboard.

Italian classic bed

Modern - for the brave individuals who prefer the clarity and sharpness of the lines in combination with non-standard solutions. Turning your attention to this design, you will notice how many accents are directed to the headboard, mirror and glossy surfaces. There are more right angles and smaller details, but this type of furniture set will never be "overloaded" and will be less demanding in terms of care. The main thing in the elite bedroom is a bed, a large assortment can be found on our website. Italian modern beds have strict straight lines, soft Italian beds (in fabric, eco-leather, and leather) are also very popular.

The bedroom can be made in styles:


Art deco, glamor;

Baroque, rococo;

Art Nouveau;

Neo-ethno, fusion;


Ethno, country;


High-tech, minimalism.

Smoothness, waves, a splash of color and a variety of textures in one product - characterizes a new direction, rapidly gaining popularity, this direction is art deco. For finishing can be used fabrics, leather, plastic. If you want a bed or other piece of furniture to become a bright accent in the bedroom - an exclusive design solution, definitely for you!

Purchase a quality Italian bedroom

Of course, when you search, you want Italian bedroom furniture to have a reasonable price, it's assortment is large, and quality is the best. Then you need to choose a salon of furniture, where furniture is presented, purchased directly from the manufacturers and there is our store in help. Buy Italian bedroom is not difficult, all you need is to select the model, specify a complete set and send this information to us for calculation. From the selected options of bedrooms to choose the desired and make an order. We have special requirements for the goods and the process of their delivery, the elite bedroom furniture before the sale take place have complete care, and not covered by dust in the warehouse. Therefore, if you are counting on an impeccable state of the goods and durability - when buying an Italian bedroom you should contact us.

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