Aesthetic and comfortable home-like atmosphere guides to privacy and improves health and mood. House Design plays an important role in this. It includes not only the choice of colors, styles, and techniques in the room but also emphasizes position in life house owners, their choice, and originality.

Interior design by Katrina Antonovich

Do not forget that the creation of design projects includes not only external but also practical function.The accurately made interior design of the room, no doubt, will make movement in it very comfortable and pleasant. To make maximum comfort, you can use the method of creating zones - delimitation of all the inner spaces of an apartment into separate zones.Zoning, in turn, can be used to visually increase the functionality of small cottages and rooms.With the project design of the house, you can save the atmosphere of warmth and comfort of your cottage and greatly increase the functionality of the individual rooms in the home.
Nowadays there are new buildings with a free layout, which makes it a great choice for the designer's imagination.Between the bedrooms is now no clear borders, and space is divided with the help of colors, different levels of floors. And it is also possible to use different floor deckings for separating the first part from another.With help of the light, usually, mark the places which are poorly lit. Very often in interior designs using a streamlined design, renouncing clear lines and right angles.
So, in order to your plan has gained more specific features, and the idea became closer to its successful embodiment into reality, it is necessary to group any ideas and solutions, drawing them in the form of related plan - design project apartment. Someone relate to this wary, believing that it is possible to own, without any help create efficient planning solution, and unusual interior design.
Our goal in the preparation of the project - the embodiment of a unique interesting design that will be in accordance with your views of life.Studio of Katrina Antonovich makes sure that the design of the apartment will be not only an ergonomic and comfortable as well as really congenial to you.

Interior Design - the embodiment of the character of the owner

In modern construction interior design has become paramount. And this is understandable.The basis of solutions of the designer, the author of an individual project, it is a unique idea of the owner should be implemented using a variety of elements. For this purpose used complex techniques - the use of a variety of forms, additional constructions, and decorations, furniture selection, combinations of textures and colors.Each designer has its own set of methods, whereby any work becomes inimitable and unique.The most successful solutions are becoming subsequently the basis, a kind of "template", which is then used in the work of other designers.

Design interior of the house is a complete solution in which every single element is part of a complex concept of the designer.

It is not enough to decorate separately each room, and in it - to decide separately how will look the ceiling of how to decorate the floors and walls. In this way, the subsequent placement of furniture, decor items and accessories do not give the desired effect.However, even using the most expensive finishing options, the best collection of coverings and furniture will not hide admitted blunders, and all the shortcomings can manifest fully.  The designer, each time starting work with the vision of a harmonious composition.It is based on two main factors: the general idea developed together with the customer, and competent organization of all common space.
Design primarily provides a new organization of the whole room, the rational use of all the engineering and communication systems, ergonomic movement within. All this is intended to increase the level of comfort and coziness. Further actions are carried out taking into account the general idea, which aims to unite the different elements of the whole furnishings in a single composition. Moreover, often it is necessary to look for a compromise even between incompatible elements, that should be used on client's request.  The result should be attractive and beautiful. Therefore, design work can bring living accents, make expressive accessories and decorations that have symbolic meaning for inhabitants.  After completion of the work, the premise is not simply transformed and become attractive, but inside is formed a unique atmosphere.

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