Interior design - it is the creation of a harmonious and functional space in the room, providing convenience and aesthetically pleasing interaction of the room environment with people.

The basis of interior design is the original idea, which was born in the head of a designer or client. The idea can be expressed in various methods available: sketches, collages or three-dimensional graphics. But to embody this idea, special professional skills and knowledge are needed. At this stage, you will need a professional designer who will develop a comprehensive project with all the necessary technical requirements and aesthetic solutions for the premise.

Our studio is engaged in all kinds of design services, from small to large. The main activity of our studio is the interior design in the UAE. We will help you to create a harmonious space of your residential or public interior and adjacent territory, finding best solutions, changing or creating internal architecture and decorations, filling life with positive moments and transforming its quality. We, as artists draw a picture, only our canvas is your home, and the colors are furniture, wallpaper, tiles, flooring, finishing and much more. In this, we are helped by the knowledge of composition, correct lighting, color theory and much more.

We fulfill your dreams in reality. By creating the design of premises in Dubai, the design of Dubai houses and the design of offices in Dubai and all kinds real estate. Thanks to the well-developed design, as well as professionally prepared estimates and drawings, you will forget about unnecessary expenses and alterations, and the author's supervision at the facility will help to realize the impeccable luxury of your premises. We pay great attention to even the smallest elements of the decor, this allows our designers to create impeccable compositions, in accordance with your chosen style.

Choosing Us, you can be assured of the professionalism of our designers!

Luxury Antonovich Design - The wide specialization of our company activities allows us to provide comprehensive services. You can contact us if you need professional development of a design project.

Designing and manufacturing of author's furniture, repair, and decoration of premises, design, and construction of various objects.

We work with private clients as well as with business organizations. A wide range of services makes it possible to implement any ideas, making the world around you cozy and comfortable. A single "recipe", according to which it would be possible to make an ideal interior design for everyone, does not exist, how many apartments, as much and tastes of their owners.

In this sense, our the interior design studio is comparable to the cuisine of an elite restaurant, where the chef prepares dishes individually for each visitor, making them not just tasty and beautiful, but also corresponding to the client's requirements.

Creating an integral interior design of the real estate from the variety of fashion trends, colors, combinations, we never forget that if someone is delighted with the "classics" or "modern", then someone might not like. We create new ideas and forms on the basis of the customer's desires, giving every real estate owner the chance to feel himself a genius of the interior design. That's why our design studio is capable of creating serious projects. We want your home to be a reflection of your inner world, a place where you can relax from the speeds of modern life, where your family values and your heart belongs. That's why we do not use clichés and usual solutions but individually approach each project.

Many believe that the services of professional designers are too expensive, available only to a small number of people. We believe that a cozy home is the right of every person. That's why we created special offers of design services that allow you to change the interior of your real estate taking into account your budget.

And the most important thing for us is the goal that we set for ourselves - this quality, not quantity.

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