Today, the influence of the interior on modern people is difficult to overestimate. From the proper design of the interior of a house or apartment depends on the mood and the health. Therefore, the main purpose of experienced designers the Luxury Antonovich Design is to create a home environment in which it will be comfortable to rest and work fruitfully, to fill the housing with perfect harmony and order.

Entrust interior design to professionals, the Luxury Antonovich Design - provides the high-end interior design.

The colossal experience, skill, talent of artists and designers allows us to develop real and unique projects. Our employees are constantly studying new trends in the modern design of housing and office space. Regularly employees of the company master the innovations of well-known furniture factories, the newest building and finishing materials from the best producers in Europe.

Our main task is to ensure that the customers of the company are always satisfied with the new and unique look of their apartment or office center. Interior design - the main stages. The design of the interior of the office or home begins with a pleasant acquaintance of the designer with the client. The customer expresses all wishes, the desired style, colors solution and budget of the planned decor and repair. Work on the formation of the newest design of the premises is divided into separate stages: Creation of a draft of the project, competent layout of the space; Image of a future interior in 3d, preparing photorealistic pictures of interior; Making a package of drawings for workers; Selection of interior elements (furniture, materials, lamps e.t.c.)

We also provide a wide range of interior design services for restaurants, bars, and shops. Experienced employees of the company will select the appropriate equipment, original furniture, exclusive lamps and other various decor items. Interior Design in Dubai. The unique interior design in Dubai should not only correspond to the direct purpose of the premises but also emphasize the customer's personality, views and preferences. More than 70% of customers come to the company Luxury Antonovich Design on recommendation, because customers remember the high quality of our work. We want you to always be satisfied with the unusually new appearance of the apartment or office space. When creating an interior design in the UAE, we select only modern decor materials and quality fashionable textiles. Professional designers and architects of the Luxury Antonovich Design are ready to undertake a project of any complexity, let it be the interior of a cafe, a shop, an apartment, a house or an office center.

We believe that the design of elite interiors should primarily reflect the tastes and lifestyle of the real estate owners, so our employees work closely with clients at all stages of design, not only offering their solutions but also taking into account the wishes and preferences of the customer.

Our designers successfully create elite interiors in style and design - unique, modern and functional. We skillfully combine materials, colors and texture options, finding the optimal combination of style, aesthetics, and comfort. We understand that elite design is something more than expensively furnished rooms. It is designed to reflect the status and taste of the owner, so we individually approach each order and try to take into account all the nuances in the development of the project.

Having considerable experience in the field of elite design, we are constantly developing, we strive to use both classical solutions and modern trends in our projects.

Making a choice in favor of elite design, you get:

Maximum comfort level;
Carefully thought through stylistic and color solutions;
Use of modern quality and environmentally friendly finishing materials;
Long service life of the interior decor.
Exclusive design of your house

Order an elite interior design in our studio, and we will develop a complete solution for your home decoration. The interiors created by us invariably attract attention thanks to the subtle style of implementation and aesthetics that allow owners to be proud of their house. In order to fully embody the ideas of designers and at the proper level, we offer the service of author's supervision of repair works and control the project at all stages of its implementation, relieving our customers of problems and concerns. Cooperation with us is not only the development of unique elite solutions for any premise but also a high level of service when working with clients.

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