Best interior designer in Pakistan Katrina Antonovich has created dozens of luxury villas project worldwide. home design - it is a true masterpiece of modern architecture and design art. In the work on the project, we combine modern fashion trends, fine coloring of the city and especially the character of the house owners. The home design reflects harmoniously all of these three areas and  becomes the implementation of  owners dreams about their ideal comfort and coziness. At the top of popularity today a modern classic. home design in the neoclassical style - a perfect way to emphasize respectability and high status. Among our projects have implemented suburban palace complexes and government residences worldwide. Therefore, we can safely say that if you order a home design from us, you will get the best and exclusive offer.

Best interior designer in Saudi Arabia

Best interior designer in Saudi Arabia Katrina Antonovich

The highlight of our studio is that the concept of villa design we include a number of closely related services:

  • Home Interior Design
  • Several of visualization options
  • Architectural design
  • Engineering design
  • Construction and repair of buildings
  • Filling the home with furnishings and decor accessories

Home design Pakistan, we are offering today to customers,  is very closely related, both with fashion trends and with the possibilities of modern technologies. We always emphasize the fact that the home design, from design studio Antonovich Design, will create for you a truly ideal living environment and a place where you will feel absolute comfort. The first house will become a harmonious reflection of your character, habits, cordiality, hospitality, social status and fine taste. Those notes of perfect comfort, which elevate it up to its absolute value are usually hidden from the eye. They invisibly filling the interior with lightness and harmony. Outside the house,

You can control home appliances. By slightly pressing the button on the remote control you could  move  the curtains, change the tone and light shades,  light a fire in the fireplace and give  with light line new interior accents. Therefore, a design of the house requires not just talent and inspiration, but also specific engineering knowledge.
Working on home design in a classic style, we always artfully combine intelligent comfort with lush luxury and splendor. Of course, the graceful columns with stucco capitals and stucco decoration curls decorate luxurious ceilings will be present in a classical interior. It is wonderful that today the classics of the genre can be supplemented with new-fangled accents such as  LED backlight, which will play a delightful play of light and shade. Marble floors are traditional for elite interiors of houses. And only thanks to new technologies of laser cutting of stone, you can create incredibly complex and beautiful patterns of stone with the finest ornate curls and outlines.

Home design by Studio Antonovich Design Luxury in Pakistan - is a high art of luxury.

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