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Buying luxury property in such respectable city as Dubai every real estate owner to seek to create a luxurious and comfortable world, which will be a worthy continuation of the architectural concept of the city and a harmonious reflection of the character of each family member.

Villas in Dubai can be compared with own house in the oasis of the latest technologies.

Project architects thought through all the details as much as possible, in order to the comfort gained intellectual overtones. And the interior designers added to this their beautiful solutions.Let's look at the design option of a house in Dubai. It is beautiful motifs of the classical style, which gained quite individual features of elegance.

Living room design

The living room area contains all the key points, by which the owners wanted to demonstrate their views on life and understanding of beauty. In a warm range of colors was reflected warm-heartedness. There are no superfluous pomp and glamor, but every detail talks about the house respectability. Matte plaster in the decoration of the walls in warm beige tones favorably shades such decorative elements as bas-relief and paintings. In the textile design, a major role plays velvet. Velvet curtains of smoky lilac shade, stylishly combined with white Roman curtains of translucent silk.The main motive of the whole design project of an apartment - is to create a cozy mood with a touch of respectability and maximum comfort.

Entrance Design

The interior of the house is complete and perfect. All solutions are interrelated and well thought out. Interior of the corridor became an excellent start of the luxurious and cozy story. The decor of the walls looks fine matte plaster. And for flooring, for the purpose of practicality and respectability, designers use natural marble. The furnishings of dark wood, delicate chandeliers, and neat sconces repeat the living room interior motives. This is a great prelude, which continues with luxurious moments in the other rooms.

Dining room design

For this room in the apartment allocated fairly spacious premise. Such moments in the house or in an apartment in the first place talking about kindness and hospitality. Luxury dining room, by its look, shows that there always welcome guests and are ready to give them the best. 16 people can comfortably sit on soft chairs and enjoy a gourmet mealInterior of the is decorated more elegantly, to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. One of the walls is decorated with a stained-glass window with backlight. And the boiserie on the opposite wall is filled with elite silk wallpaper with damask lace ornaments. Geometric patterns on the marble floor perfectly resonate with the ceiling decoration.

Kitchen Design

For cozy home meals with family perfectly organized kitchen space. Light facades of kitchen furniture visually expanding the space. For classical motifs of furniture hidden the latest storage systems and kitchen appliances. Maximum comfort provides a kitchen island with a marble top and a cozy dining zone with a wall of stained glass. Designers zoning a space by using two luxurious chandeliers that are mirrored to each other.

Bedroom design

Design bedroom tells more elegant and enticing a story. Here, the classic style gives way to more elegant moments of Art Deco style. Designers actively use such an element of decor as soft velvet panel. The wall behind the headboard is decorated with a soft panel of purple velvet with shallow sink marks in a form of large diamonds. The opposite wall was decorated with a textile panel of velvet milky hue. Light wood on the floor, the mirror in the decoration of the walls and snow white ceiling visually increase the space of the cozy bedroom.

Children's room Design

Two daughters, twins got in their possession the real royal apartments. Two young princesses will enjoy the beauty of their cozy and luxurious the room. Luxury interior decorations have vivid and elegant charm. Curtains made of silk fuchsia hue look perfectly with blankets on the bed and soft poufs. Wall Decor quite versatile. The basis was light сoloured wallpaper in large vertical stripes. This way you can visually increase the height of ceilings. The wall behind the headboard of the beds is decorated with wallpaper with beautiful damask patterns. Shallow niche with elegant contours is highlighted with a soft backlighting line. The zone for learning is located near a large window. Cozy mood strengthened by round fluffy rugs.

Home office design

For someone who does what he likes cannot be days off. And in order to achieve significant success, the apartment owner spends a lot of time for work. Designers offered a discreet version of the interior in the style of modern classics. Furniture made of valuable dark wood looks stylish on a monophonic background creamy walls. The discreet decor sets a concentration and does not distract from the important thoughts. The interior of the office at the same time cozy, home-like, intelligent, and businesslike.

Bathroom Design

Sometimes the interior of a small bathroom can be a real jewel of the project. And this beautiful bathroom - a clear confirmation. Round niche on the ceiling with stucco curls, frames the elegant chandelier in classic style. Mosaic tile in the decoration of the walls with large floral ornaments beautifully shimmers under the light of the chandelier. The interior design of the bathroom emphasizes most important the desire of owners of the apartment - surround yourself with beauty and comfort.

Dressing room design

The perfect organization of space, the latest storage systems and also noble classic are reflected in the project this big dressing room. Bright facades of furniture with a lot of open shelves and lighting, as well as a mirror, visually expanding the space. Some clothing is stored in a cabinet with glass doors. Such doors simplify the selection of clothing and at the same time protect from dust. Insular designs used to store small accessories. Sufficient amount of light provides a chandelier, additional ceiling lamps as well as a window in daytime.

This is the interior of a house in Dubai with a noble look for connoisseurs of beauty and comfort.