Harmony and integrity of the interior depend on the reasonableness of designer's each decision. Definition luxury house design means that in the house prevails perfection and the perfect combination of materials, textures, and colors. Of course, the most expensive interiors is to use luxury materials. Elite wallpapers, parquet, marble, best fabrics. Each such material itself is interesting and versatile. And designers Luxury Antonovich Design studio, all these materials are combined and create complete images of cozy and luxurious interiors.

Luxury house design in classic style

The noble and aristocratic classical style preferred by those who feels the beauty and has a delicate taste. This style is popular here for centuries. Work above each of the interior design project in classic style is incredibly interesting. Because of following all the canons and rules, we create truly unique options for customers. And this new interior design of the apartment in classic style has become a fine example of elegance and intelligent luxury.

Living room design in classic style

Living room, being the main room in the house, it is always the epicenter of a luxury story. Everything here speaks of the nobility of the house owners, their hospitality, and ability to afford the very best. The interior looks easy and exquisite. Muted range of colors fills the room with coziness and serenity. The design of the ceiling has become an excellent way to zone the space. Because living room combined with dining area. Two symmetrically arranged chandeliers define centers of zones. They are surrounded by lush curls of stucco decoration. A stucco molding gypsum gives luxury accents in the interior of this beautiful palace. To them, interior designers have added refined pilasters in the decoration of the walls. A constant source of warm and cozy mood in the interior is luxury parquet. And if you add a natural carpet, the picture of comfort and warmth will be integrated and complete.

Entrance design in classic style

It is important to create the right first impression of the house. And this impression is largely dependent on the design of the interior corridor. The designers decorate space with warm colors. And for wall decor are using a soft textile cover of thick silk of chocolate color. Small folds give to a decor panel a special charm. Comfort in the interior is inextricably linked to its practicality and convenience. We proposed natural marble for flooring decoration. It is ideal for the interior corridor.

Master bedroom Interior design  in classic style

Master bedroom home has become a continuation of the noble laconic classic concept. The highlight of the interior became beautiful classical-style curtains. Two windows curtained with stylish curtains with soft holders. White translucent tulle help to penetrate into the room a sufficient amount of daylight. Elite parquet on the floor and the carpet also complement a cozy mood. The walls in the bedroom are decorated with muted shades of gray plaster. gainst this background, looks perfectly art paintings. Interior of a beautiful bedroom will always give aesthetic pleasure.

Guest bedroom Interior design in the neoclassical style

Guest bedroom, interior designers of Antonovich Design Studio offered to decorate in the style of the modern classic. An original decor panel on the wall become the highlight of this interior. The palette of beige and gray shades adjusts to the relaxed and pleasant moments of relaxation. This luxurious and stylish interior of a bedroom in the first place indicates that there is always welcome guests and offer them the best.

Designs of most expensive apartments are developed by the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is a philosophy of luxury and comfort, which is not subjected to time nor taste changes. This is the highest level of beauty and perfection for the true connoisseurs of luxury.

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