Interior design from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio - its consideration to every detail of the interior. Exclusive design, perfect functionality and absolute comfort are present in every room of the villa project. Home kitchen design always takes an important place in the work on the project. And this trend in interior design today has the significant impact of new technologies.

The main features the kitchen interior in this project:

  • insular construct in the center
  • the interior has a modern style
  • the basis of the decor is the natural wood and marble

Marble is ideal for decoration of floors in the kitchen interior. This material is practical and durable. To prevent slipping, marble is subjected to special treatment. Despite this the marble floors is still shining.
Is required to take into account the fact that New kitchen design equipment is becoming more technological and advanced. We complete the interiors of the kitchen with all necessary equipment. In this project, all the technical elements are hidden behind magnificent facades of wood valuable species. Wooden furniture facades covered with a special varnish. This elegant glossy finishing shimmers under the light of a crystal chandelier in natural lighting.
The decision to place on the kitchen insular construct in the center especially liked by our customers. Part of this design was the bar counter and storage cabinet for drinks with open shelves .
home kitchen design has an expressive space geometry. Distinct lines are inherent in all the elements of decor and furniture.. Near the window is placed a small dining area with elegant chairs. On the wall, for the comfort, designers have placed a modern plasma panel which is framed by a stylish decor with pilasters and additional lighting. House interior design pictures demonstrate the uniqueness of each offer in our portfolio.

The kitchen interior was the development of a stylish and luxurious design villa concept.




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