Curtains are a very important interior item. They can emphasize anything in the room or vice versa, become the main accent.

The Studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers an exclusive design of fashionable curtains

Curtains with the eyelets. Eyelets are plastic or metal rings fastened to fabric holes or special loops. They are attached to the cornice rod. As a result, the curtains forms clear vertical folds of the fabric. It looks very expressive, solemn, particularly the hall. Especially good looking such curtains in rooms with high ceilings.

If you combine fabrics - for example, a monochrome top, a bottom with a pattern, or three horizontal segments of different shades that are similar to each other - it turns out even more interesting. Design curtains for the hall on the eyelets can be both traditional and interesting.

The variant, suitable for almost any interior, - the curtains of thin transparent tulle.

Curtains with lambrequins. Lambrequins are draperies in the upper part of the curtains, which has a purely decorative function. They are always attached to the main curtains. This element is able to give the room a truly royal look. Individuality to your window is also provided.

Short curtains. Recently, this kind of curtains is very popular. Choose them in case they correspond to the atmosphere that you want to get in the room. For example, with their help, it is very easy to create the mood of sincerity and soulfulness. However, one must take into account that short curtains can spoil the design of a large room: they will look like ragged.

Roman and Japanese curtains (fabric blinds). Roman curtains are wide horizontal strips of fabric, between which are inserted special slats They are raised with the help of a chain mechanism, forming plain horizontal folds, are fixed at any convenient height. When lifted, they do not reach the top, it gives the window a special charm. Such curtains are placed exactly in the window aperture. They are sewed from dense fabrics - cotton, linen, or similar by structure artificial fabrics. In the straightened form they look laconically and unobtrusively. Such a simple design of curtains in the hall does not distract attention from the main interior.

Japanese curtains are fabric panels (screens) that have a horizontal sliding mechanism - they moving along the window aperture. Usually, they are monophonic of light neutral hue but can be also with a pattern. Also attractive are their laconicism, the ability to give room airiness, naturalness.

Design curtains for hall: fashion novelties

The correct choice of curtains will also be guided by their relevance. After all, following the fashion trends allows not only to present your home in the most favorable light for the guests but also to bring a live sense into the interior, create an atmosphere of dynamism and love of life.

In 2017, it is proposed to buy curtains for the living room, which differ from the curtains in other rooms with a slightly brighter and more saturated colors. The only exception is Japanese curtains, for which the light color palette still remains relevant.

The novelties of the design of curtains for a hall with fashionable colors, it is possible to place in a room if they coincide with its color decoration.

Still in the trend lilac, purple and violet - and their bright and gentle shades.

Gray color does not give up the positions as well. It can vary depending on the style of the room. So, monochrome gray curtains correspond to the style of hi-tech and techno, and gray, supplemented with pearly shades, perfectly combines with elements of modern, Provence, and classical style.

In the design of the curtains intended for the hall, it is also proposed to use vertical bands. They can be both colored and transparent, with a floral pattern, monochromatic and different in brightness.

Lambrequins remain topical. With a restrained design of curtains, it is better to use straight and hard options. In the classical and modern de jabots, and other unusual decorative elements are appropriate.

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