Best interior designers in Dubai by design studio Luxury Antonovich Design it is a luxury and exclusive. Luxury interior design - elegance, luxury and exclusive.Ordering such a design project from  Luxury Antonovich Design, every customer can rely on the magical transformation of the space that has no analogs.

Famous interior designer in Dubai create a real world masterpieces.

The development of each project - a long and laborious work, complemented by a refined taste, imagination, and   Katrina Antonovich genuine talent . About  the result of masterpieces by the  Luxury Antonovich Design studio  can be seen in the gallery of projects made. Unique interior delights connoisseurs and has the approval of the skeptics. Elite design project at home - an embodiment of dream successful people who have decided to turn their homes into an oasis of comfort and refinement. This is - a harmonious combination of colors, textures, materials and shapes. In such projects, every detail is important, and they can be called real works of art design.

Most interesting projects of houses from Luxury Antonovich Design and their features.

Each client who decides to order luxury design sees it differently. Some like the originality and extravagances, some prefer the luxury and sophistication. This is the main feature of exclusive interiors - they are completely different, and for each developed an individual concept, well thought out to the last detail. For exclusive projects  always chosen the most expensive and high-quality finishing materials. This design emphasizes the respectability and shows the high status of home owners.In the luxury design-repair of apartments is very important atmosphere and decor elements, so the furniture and accessories are always performed by individual sketches.
Exclusive design project of the space is impossible without the proper lighting. Lighting design of elite interiors - is not a single chandelier in the center of the ceiling, complete with multiple lamps. Lighting fixtures  divide the space into zones, focusing attention on the details. Being engaged in the creation of an elite interior, Luxury Antonovich Design designers  always give to customers   3D-visualization. This will allow the customer to make the necessary changes, "having placed" lamps (and not only) as desired. Elite Design - is the individual elaboration of all elements of the interior. From doors and flooring to a stucco molding  furniture and other accessories. From doors and flooring to a stucco molding  furniture and other accessories. We also offer delivery of furniture to the site directly from the world's best factories in Italy.

That is why the exclusive interiors  from the studio are really  unique . The results of designers creativity  focused on the basic canons of the selected style, with particular flair and creativity  luxury, elegance, and comfort.Клиенты Luxury Antonovich Design.  Luxury design houses  made by  studio professionals, not only to emphasizes the high status and refined taste of the owner of property. It "tells" about the identity and characteristics of the client's worldview. Exclusive interior, created by real artists, never goes out of fashion. Furniture, accessories and finishing materials of premium quality for decades will not lose its appeal. The design of elite apartments from Luxury Antonovich Design - the choice of those who know a lot about beauty and elegance, and can appreciate comfort and functionality.

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