The creation of offices interiors is very closely interrelated with the type of activity of the company. It is the manager's office that becomes the visiting card that reflects the status of the firm, its success and the general approach to work. Of course, in many ways, the design concept depends on the taste preferences of the company boss. However, the main and undeniable quality of the office is its ability to make the right impression on partners and customers.

Of course, the bank's office and IT company office will be radically different. The style of the interior is very dependent on the type of activity of the firm. However, there are moments when the owner of the office has conservative views and adherence to traditions. In such cases, a classic style becomes the ideal solution for the design of the office.

Elite Office Interior Design of the interior design Dubai companies Luxury Antonovich Design

Classic always remains classic. And the design principles of working offices in this style remained unshakable both for office buildings and for home interiors. Favorite elements of the decor came to us from the royal palaces of the English and French nobility. It is luxurious furniture in classic style, wall panels from natural wood. Armchairs and sofas in upholstery made of genuine leather. This gentleman set can include beautiful carpets, luxurious curtains, sculptures, and paintings. The interior confirms the success of his master and becomes also his inspiration.

We are sure that important historical decisions are still taken in offices, which are decorated in the traditional classic style. Many government residences, ambassadorial, heads of state offices, throughout the world are decorated in the best traditions of the classical style. And this is quite logical. After all, the classic is a style that is not subjected to times or tastes impermanence. To enter into history and remain your successful accomplishments for a long time, this view of life is needed. Confident, inspired and ingenious. Like managers offices, which are created by the designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

Interior design project of manager's office

For the manager's office according to building project has been allocated a large area of space. This is necessary for the comfort and organization of all necessary zones. Boss's office interior, as a rule, is a separate, isolated room with a reception desk preceding it. Conventionally, the interior is divided into two zones. Rest zone, there you can relax and have a little rest. And, of course, a working area with a comfortable table and chairs. The table from natural wood is encrusted with carved patterns of handwork. The elegant bends of chairs with a noble bearing give the interior a certain solemnity.

The interior of this room is impregnated with good old classics. Boiserie adorned with a neat stucco molding with gilding. The marble floor is decorated with an exquisite carved patterns. Large windows are curtained with chic velvet curtains of dark cherry hue. In the decor of the ceiling, there are exquisite notes of modernity. The niche is filled with a grid of squares with illumination and golden openwork ornaments.

The interior Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design created a solid and aristocratic atmosphere in the office.

All for success! All for inspiration! Everything for the birth of brilliant ideas!

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