Italy has long been a trendsetter in the furniture fashion around the world. It is there, under the warm Mediterranean sun for many centuries the most beautiful and most sought-after furniture is born, distinguished by its special character, passionate temperament, and extraordinary, exhilarating imagination. The furniture of Italy absorbed the tranquility of the sun-drenched plains, the splendor, and luxury of the dazzling sky-blue lakes, the greatness, and inaccessibility of the Alps, the passion and rebelliousness of the Italian character. It is there, over the course of several centuries, unique furniture has been made, more than once appreciated and being number one all over the world.

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Each piece of furniture is the perfection of execution in the highest degree of its manifestation, thanks to the exquisite design, superior quality, and splendor of the finishes. Traditions accumulated and transferred from generation to generation, improved and supplemented, thanks to the achievements of modern science and technology are the basis for the creation Italian furniture masterpieces. All the factories that currently have worldwide fame and recognition originated as handicrafts or family businesses.

The process of making furniture was lengthy, time-consuming and expensive because every detail had to be made manually, but even then connoisseurs of luxury and chic appreciated the beauty of Italian furniture. Now Italian furniture, as well as centuries ago, is also produced almost completely by manually. Currently, this process is supplemented by machine use, but only at the roughing stages: during the processing and preparation of wood, which significantly improves its quality and durability during use, that is why, to this day, Italian furniture famous by its unrivaled quality and by practicality.

Speaking about the design of Italian furniture, it is worth to mention, that the huge influence on the formation of its current appearance had historical processes, the wishes of consumers, as well as the development of the industry and modern fashion trends. Thanks to the fact, that Italy, historically and geographically, situated at the crossroads of the main trade routes leading from Europe to Asia, Italian furniture art was able to absorb the traditions, mores, and culture of various countries, reflecting the diversity and uniqueness of each of them. In the design of Italian furniture, you can find echoes of styles of the most diverse nations of the world: the abundance of finishes, the variety of patterns, pomposity and brightness, passion and recklessness of the Orient. The simplicity of the forms, the clarity, and conciseness of the lines, the pragmatism, and tranquility of the West, easily intertwine or become the main highlight of style in this or that piece of furniture.

In the image of the Italian furniture embodied all sorts of stylistic solutions. To date, Italian furniture is produced in a brilliant, lush and rich baroque style, with its desire for greatness and unrestrained wealth, in light, airy, and at the same time, somewhat intemperate - renaissance, in a rational and more directed for convenience and practicality - classicism and, of course, a laconic, functional, but no less attractive and unique - the modern and many other famous styles and their blending. It is also worth noting that Italian furniture is always rich in its functional solutions. The collections include a huge variety of interior items that will make your home not only comfortable and cozy but also create its certain character, mood and bring additional charm, fascination, and uniqueness. Traditionally, collections of Italian furniture includes sets of upholstered furniture, dining rooms, bedrooms, cabinets, furniture for children's rooms and living rooms.

Moreover, in addition to the usual elements, you will find for yourself unique accessories and accompanying pieces of furniture, such as stands for flowers and newspapers, consoles, poufs, benches, and much more that perfectly emphasize the brilliance and sophistication of your interior. This is due to the development of civilization, the change in rhythm and living conditions, as well as the desire always to delight and surprise the buyer, considering his demands and wishes. Thanks to such diversity, magnificence, unsurpassed quality and richness of choice, Italian furniture rightfully occupies the highest places at international exhibitions and has a huge number of connoisseurs and fans around the world.

Italian furniture is furniture for successful, purposeful and self-confident people, striving to make their life bright, unusual, filled and stylish, and also surround themselves with exquisite, luxurious furniture items that emphasize their excellent taste and create comfort and coziness in the house.

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