The modern market of models and fabrics for curtains is so diverse that arising question which type of curtains is better to choose. This choice is not easy because you need to take into account a lot of nuances: color, fabric texture, style, accessories, patterns and much more. Each situation requires a completely new solution.

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The design of curtains subjected to certain rules. The first thing you should pay attention to in what room you need curtains: in the children's room, the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom. This will simplify the task if you follow the basic recommendations. It is desirable to decorate the window of the bedroom with curtains of pastel colors. Bright colors more suitable for the children's room.На кухне не стоит помещать сложную складчатую штору. Next, choose the style. Mandatory condition - curtains should ideally match with the interior style. Otherwise, we will get disharmony.

It is important, what function the curtains will carry out: only decorative or light-shielding. For decorative curtains will be quite enough lightweight tulle fabric. If curtains will сarry the main function, then it is worth taking care of the density and texture of the fabric. After the style choice follows the choice of fabric and model of curtains. When choosing the texture and color of fabric for curtains, you should take into account the illumination and size of the room. So, in a small room, you should not place curtains of a bright saturated fabric, or with a large expressive pattern. Such curtains are better to use for spacious halls and bedrooms. The most common mistake - the selection of curtains fabrics exactly in tone with the walls. This combination is not very successful. In order to avoid a fusion, the curtains should be made darker or lighter than the color of the wallpaper or walls finish. Many believe that one-color curtains look inexpressive. This is not quite true, and even, you might say, not at all true. Plain curtains of interesting texture can become not only ornamentation but also a dominant of your interior. Fortunately, modern fabrics make it possible to do this.

Choosing a fabric with a pattern, you should be very careful. First, the patterns on curtains should not be too many. Several fabrics with different patterns cause a strange sensation and may indicate a bad taste of the owners of the house. In addition, the nature and size of the pattern must match the decor features of the room: wallpaper, carpet, furniture, etc. If in the room are bedspreads or pillows, for curtains you need to pick up a fabric that is in harmony with them. But how to combine curtains and tulle fabrics with each other? There are two answers to this question. It is necessary to choose fabrics or contrasting or nuanced tones.

Well, you chose a fabric. What to do next? And then we'll think through what spatial objectives will be solved with the help of curtains. After all, curtains - an ideal tool for this. Here you can play with both a strip and fabric textures. The strips can bring originality. Using a horizontal strip, you can visually expand the room, using a vertical strip - to visually raise the ceiling. In addition, you can "play" with the width of the strip, thus achieving different effects.

As you know, the variety of shapes and styles of curtains is great. Curtains can have a complex shape, be decorated with intricate lambrequins and accessories. This "lush" option is perfect for a spacious living room or bedroom. If the room is small in size, it is recommended to simplify the design of curtains. The finishing touch of decorating rooms with curtains is the choice of accessories. Do not treat them lightly. One small detail can significantly change the general appearance of curtains and the interior as a whole. Laces, fringes, tassels, brooches, etc. can serve as accessories. But here, too, should not overdo it and necessary to match the style.

No less important detail - curtains rod. Curtains rod is not only curtains holder but also an accessory. The visible part of curtains rod is a single composition with curtains, and the composition, as is known, should be harmonious. We considered the basic nuances that should be taken into account when making such a difficult choice as curtains design. You can begin, but do not forget about our councils.

In order to consider all the features of your curtains interior, it is better to use the services of a professional designer Luxury Antonovich Design.

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