A dining room plays an important role in the modern housing. It is a place where you eat, relax with friends and chat with the family. It is important to choose the right furniture for the dining room to create a maximum comfort and coziness in the dining room - table, chairs, shelves, cupboard, and chest of drawers with cutlery. The dining room sets for sale from Luxury Antonovich Design is the best world's brands for luxury interiors.

Best dining room sets must meet many requirements, such as:

  •     Practicality and functionality are important components when choosing any furniture and especially for the dining room, because the comfort of the guests and the hosts is depending upon during daily lunches or festive dinners.
  •     Another important component is the aesthetic aspect. As the dining room with the kitchen is the "face" of the hostess, it is important that these rooms will be clean and tidy. All organizers of device for the the storage of cutlery, tablecloths, napkins can keep cleanliness and order. Eating is a quite intimate process and design of the room in which you eat, and it influences over the mood and appetite of the family members. Properly designed interior and appropriate complete dining room sets will help guests to feel coziness, comfort and warmth.
  •     The third requirement when choosing furniture for the dining room is safety. The material is especially important, from which dining room sets were made. Modern technologies allow to use the most reliable and practical materials for this purpose.

Consider the basic components of dining room sets:

A table is a central place in the dining room. You select it primarily on appearance and spaciousness. It is better to think over a high-priority shape and the number of seats for a comfortable feast. It is better to put a folding table-transformer in the small dining room, which will serve, as the venue for the daily meal and in the folded form will be able to hold not only family members, but also all guests. The form of table is very important. The main advantage of square and rectangular tables is in their versatility and spaciousness. Depending on the design, the table can be placed at the center of the dining room, or push it to one of the walls. The round tables look very interesting in the interior. The main advantage of round tables is in their roominess, they are able to hold more people than rectangular or square tables with the same area thanks to the absence of angles. The designers advise to place the round dining tables in the center of the room, not near the wall. If we talk about style, the round table will perfectly fit into any stylistic direction, starting from the minimalism and high-tech and ending with classics.

If there are a lot of glass in the interior, you can choose a table with glass top, glass can be transparent, colored or matted. You can put a round table on one leg in the small dining room. These models are very convenient, take up a little space and look almost weightless, what is very important for the small spaces.

If you have just bought the table, it is time to take care about the chairs in the dining room. The chairs should be selected to the style of the table. If the table is glass, it is better to choose the chairs, which will not weight the big picture and will combine with the table harmonically. However, the color of the tables and chairs can be different. The use of bright or many-colored chairs is a fashion trend in the design of the dining room.

The buffet and showcase are also components of the furniture of dining room set. The cabinet with "addition" is called buffet and fully glassed cupboard - a showcase in the dining room. These pieces of furniture are used for storage of crockery, cut-glass ware and tea things. Of course, the best dinnerware, glasses and cups, polished to a shine and emphasized the good taste of the hostess. The chest for the dining room, if the total area of ​​the dining room is allowing, too, can be a worthy part of the dining room furniture. The tabletop is used as an additional surface on which you put the dishes before the serving of the festive table. The tastefully furnished dining room will contribute to the wish of all family members to spend more time together, to enjoy a delicious meal together and pleasant conversation.

Dining room sets on sale from Luxury Antonovich Design meets the highest quality standards.





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