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In our homes, the kitchen becomes the "center of the home universe." The kitchen most fully reflects the taste and character of the family, its features, and traditions.

Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design will create for you an "island" that will provide maximum convenience in cooking, dishwashing and storing kitchen utensils, working appliances, and food products.

Functionally, the kitchen is most often planned in the combination of a working zone with a dining area. This unity of the kitchen with the dining room requires a comfortable and pleasant environment for rest and dining, as well as a thoughtful working atmosphere.

It is very important in the planning to calculate the unobstructed movement between the sink, stove, and refrigerator; table and cabinets; the distance between the chairs relative to each other and the working surfaces. "Working Route" with a good location of objects, will provide you with efficient and shortest ways to move in the process of cooking, putting meals on the table and then washing dishes. Obligatory requirements for a modern kitchen are sufficient ventilation, proper lighting, heating and air conditioning. In style, you can design the kitchen in a variety of ways.

One condition remains unchanged - the kitchen should be carefully equipped, safe, hygienic and well lit. For example, - using a narrow space, decorate the kitchen in the form of galley placing tables and cabinets in U-shape way with built-in sink and stove.

• You can create a kind of nice, old-fashioned environment with the use of buffets, delicate colorful curtains.
• Or choose a rustic style with an "open soul" with wooden unpainted furniture, surrounded by earthenware, tin, cast-iron items.
• And if you have a desire to create a modern kitchen, something modern with the use of materials and furniture equipment of the latest technology, please think carefully. One condition remains unchanged - the kitchen should be carefully equipped, safe, hygienic and well lit, all working surfaces in it should be made of durable materials that can be easy to take care of.

The question of rational organization of work in the kitchen becomes more important every year. If for millennia the relations in the family between the man and the woman were unchanged, the functions and responsibilities were distributed unconditionally - for women, primarily cooking, men - hunting. Now there is no single formula.

Objective factors of the transformation of the kitchen can be identified:

• the appearance of complex kitchen appliances;
• the professional work of a woman outside the home and the lack of time for housekeeping;
• participation of men in everyday household work;
• general desire to master new recipes, methods of cooking and eating food.

The kitchen, arranged and equipped irrationally, requires continuous excessive movement, which causes a loss of time for kitchen work. The above factors have affected the sharp reduction of the time spent in the kitchen. The work done in the kitchen is preparing, cooking, washing dishes, is not the hardest household chores, since it takes only 5% of the energy consumed daily in the household, but these processes are the most time consuming because they take almost 55% of the time. Thus, any minimum saving of time for kitchen work is important, because it gives time not only for other chores but also for rest after. Arranged and equipped irrationally the kitchen requires continuous excessive movements, which causes a loss of time for kitchen work and additional physical and mental expenses. Thus, wall gradually grows which separates life from romantic searches, beautiful moments, festive mood ... But in order to family meals always be loved and most desired, we just need to put our soul into it. And then, the "center of the home universe" will not lose its strength and inspiration.