If the vila Interior design is not always associated with the exterior of the building, the design of the house - it is a deeper and more a vast concept. Design and engineering houses in Africa from the Antonovich design studio harmoniously combine interior, exterior and landscape design into a single picture of modern luxury. For true connoisseurs of luxury world, we create unsurpassed  house designs with a bright character. The interior of the house Nigeria will wrap you in luxury and warmth of home comfort and the building exterior subtly hints at its interior decoration. Home Design Nigeria in a classic style both outside and inside can be supplemented with graceful columns with stucco capitals, pilasters, and balustrades. Ideal fit into the interior of the house, it exterior and landscaping, antique sculptures, and beautiful fountains.

The best Interior designer Nigeria Katrina Antonovich corresponds to modern trends in fashion design and architecture.

Talented designers and architects of  Antonovich design studio create author's projects, which reflect the era, the ethnic flavor of the country and the subtleties of perception of the world of those who are the owners of this luxury. In the trend  luxury with an intelligent technologic accent. All the details of houses decoration   filled with these accents. Curtains in the interior of any style  filling the atmosphere with  a cozy mood. Fabrics for curtains today differ incredible variety. That is why our studio pays great attention to the direction of the textile design. Order Nigeria curtains are possible at us and get the unique beauty proposal for all rooms of your home.
Wall Decor today also diverse in its  variations. Decorative plaster is rich in colors and textures of choice. Also, luxury wallpapers in the interior can fit perfectly into any style and combined with details such as soft wall panels, moldings, and carved decoration. Exclusive wallpaper with our designer's drawings   can be ordered for special moments.
Design villa Nigeria, which we offer, bringing joy and happiness  of owning of the perfect interior. And a process of creating it is also becoming a real treat for our customers. They may be co-workers, to observe the process and look forward to that happy time when they can cross the threshold of the house and enjoy the coziness and comfort. Filling the house with furnishings is one of the items the design of houses and apartments in our services. The furniture in the interior is perfectly in harmony with the colors and style. Furniture from Italy will bring to your home a romantic mood and a touch of sophistication. The furniture in the kid's room , which is made by hand by the  sketches of designers, will bring a lot of joy and comfort to the child.
Having made the decision to build a new home, you probably would think about  to whom  entrust such a responsible job. Many of our customers confirm that incredibly convenient and comfortable when  one company engaged to design and construction . This significantly reduces the time of the project and completely eliminates  troubles. We provide our customers with such an integrated approach. They can only watch the process, fully trusting the professionals and make their wishes in progress.
And yet, at the very beginning of the whole process becomes your dream, your idea of your perfect home. In order to make it easier to determine the preferences in the interior and exterior style, on the pages of our website we have tried as much as possible to present our projects of houses and apartments. You can see that the design of the houses from the  Antonovich Design studio in Africa is very diverse. Each house design is unique . Ordering the design of the house from us, you guaranteed to get an exclusive design that will perfectly reflect your personality.Everything will start with  your dream, we depict it in the form of conceptual design. Then, after the approval of all the nuances will be performed all subsequent stages of home design .

We will prepare a visualization, all drawings, and specifications by which it will be possible to start building.

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