We offer services in the design and tailoring of ultra fashionable, beautiful and quality curtains. For manufacturing curtains, we use designer fabrics from the most famous European textile producers. Based on the features of your interior, our experts will give a lot of practical and technical advice on the selection and maintenance of curtains, will make an individual design of curtains and drapes. Examples of sketches and photographs of our curtains for kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms and bathrooms, you can see the section of curtains of our website. Design and sewing curtains - this is our life, we love textiles, understand it and are always ready to share with you knowledge and passion.

We design and tailor curtains in Dubai of these types:

Multilayered drapes
With decor ribbon
With decorative border

Also, we make lambrequins and jabots of all possible configurations, all possible types, from any materials (taffeta, satin, velvet or organza).

We produce curtains of such styles:

Classic curtains
Modern curtains
English Curtains
Roman curtains
French curtains
Austrian curtains
Chinese curtains
Japanese Curtains
In the rustic style
In the style of minimalism
Country style
In Art Deco style
In high-tech style
In the marine style
In the Art Nouveau style
In Empire style

Order design and sewing curtains in the Luxury Antonovich Design

Everyone needs their own house, wonderful, comfortable, with character. The windows, the eyes of the house, and therefore, always require special attention. Textile offers of modern fabric manufacturers are highly diverse, you always have the risk of getting lost and mistaken. For this, there is a salon of curtains the Luxury Antonovich Design. We will always help you to make the right choice of fabrics, we will offer absolutely any algorithm of work on ordering design and tailoring curtains: a convenient schedule for the client, a convenient place and time. We know everything about fabrics, we are guided by laws and principles of design and artistic design, we love textiles, we know how to sew elite curtains in Dubai beautifully and qualitatively. We carry out sewing and design of curtains both from our fabrics so from the client's fabrics.

We process curtains in any interpretations with edges, brushes, etc. Any design of curtains and any finish in arbitrary style: artificial flowers, ruffles, fringes, pom-poms, decorative buttons, appliqués, embroideries, batik, various bows, draperies, ribbons, and braid. Textile design, like a final chord, is required at the last stage of interior decoration.

Design of curtains

The design of curtains is a single art, mastering of which you can achieve a variety of visual effects, visually increase the size of the window, adjust its proportions, make the room darker or lighter. Our specialists have been working in the design of curtains for many years and they like their work. The design of curtains is determined by the general style of the interior design. In modern interiors, classic curtains are usually used, as well as vertical and horizontal blinds, Roman and Japanese curtains, pleated curtains. Roller blinds are gaining popularity. If the interior is made in the classical style, then our salon will offer you exquisite French, London, Austrian curtains. The type of fabric for curtains depends on the texture of the textile, which is used to decorate the interior, as well as from such factors as the desired degree of illumination of the room and even the time of the year. Designers recommend ordering sewing summer and winter sets of curtains, thus creating an appropriate mood at any time of the year.

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