Curtains as an element of modern decor

Features of curtains design

Transparent curtains in all their variety do not go out of fashion: tulle, veil, and guipure can not only become a background but also be an independent element of the window opening design. And also - as a part of the original design idea.

Correctly made curtains design can be an effective completion of the repair of the premises, solving a number of important interior objectives:

Spatial - help to visually expand the space, smooth the corners, or, conversely, sharpen the clear geometry of the room;

To hide defects and flaws;

To change and form the necessary illumination of premises;

To focus attention on those or other details, to reflect a certain style.

Types of curtains and their features

The main determining factor here is the type of tissue used. The most common, functional and popular among interior designers are:

Tulle fabrics. Airy, transparent, able to be easily draping, taking the required shape, they are indispensable in creating the most unusual decorations and loved by the decorators for more than one century. Modern tulle also extraordinarily unpretentious in care, which makes it possible to use them as curtains for the kitchen and other rooms that are characterized by high humidity.

Veil. Its weightlessness and the unimaginable amount of shades of this airy material makes it possible to combine the most complex ideas and projects. The task, solution of which is possible only for the real artist, is the choice of the right shade and color, which allows combining the decor of the room into a harmonious unit, to make an organic and complete composition. If before the veil was only a backdrop for heavy curtains, which used as the main element of window decoration, now they are used both as an independent decor unit and as a base that allows you to balance all the colors of the interior. In this case, sophisticated veils printed with pattern and embroidery are used.

Guipure, more precisely - guipure inserts on the veil, create an atmosphere of mystery, romance, exquisite chic. Such curtains in the bedroom will emphasize the comfort and special intimate, personal atmosphere of this room. Intertwining silk threads fascinate and captivate by its exquisite beauty.

Gauze fabrics is a versatile and practical material for curtains. It is ideal not only for the decoration of residential buildings. Partitions and draperies of such material are elegant and appropriate in the design of banquet halls of hotels, restaurants, cafes. With its help bright, attracting attention exhibitions centers and trade halls are decorated. The most simple, unremarkable premises are transformed with the help of gauze fabrics to the striking interiors. . To made such a work of art, you need to purchase fabrics three times the length of the cornice rod and artfully drape it.

How to arrange the elements of curtains?

Today, classical canons are not an obligatory requirement. Although many designers prefer the standard solutions and place transparent curtains behind drapes, it is also possible to use the first variant in the solo version. And even - placing tulle in front of curtain unusual at first glance, but very effective and attractive contrast.

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