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Marble and granite, elegant lawn and dwarf pine trees, fountains and sculpture - all these elements of a premium-class landscape design. Craftsmen , designers, and other professionals  use these elements  masterfully. The talented and experienced staff of Luxury Antonovich Design helped to create many magnificent gardens, some of which can be seen in the portfolio.  Even a very large amount of money spent on landscaping and landscape design does not guarantee a good result. It would be disappointing to spend a large sum on the luxury materials and plants from foreign kennels - and to realize that the house territory still leaves much to be desired.This happens when the design assignment gets into the wrong hands.

Landscaping by Katrina Antonovich

Landscape design from Luxury Antonovich Design meets three important criteria:

  • Exclusive solutions
  • Reasonable price Best landscape design ideas from Luxury Antonovich Design
  • Professional

The company employs leading designers, we have many years of successful experience. We create real masterpieces, causing surprise and delight.

  • Exclusive Landscaping
  • Landscape design of territory
  • The level of prices for landscaping
  • Landscape Design Portfolio
  • Landscape Design Premium 

It is believed that to achieve excellence in their field can be an average of five years of hard work. In our case, this milestone is a long time behind, because the first order was made as far back as 2002. During this period it was created over hundreds of gardens and landscape projects.  The years have brought with them not only the experience. Big park own machinery, partnerships with manufacturers of materials and well-coordinated team make it possible to act quickly but effectively. You don't have to wait, we start work right away. Careful planning and adherence to scheduled dates almost exclude the possibility of delays. And, although no one is safe from unforeseen circumstances, we make sure that they do not impact on the customer.  The presence among our customers esteemed customers - the best proof that the order premium landscaping should be done in Luxury Antonovich Design. Add to this a lot of positive reviews and an impressive portfolio, which can be studied in the office - and to become clear whom to trust the work.

Premium Landscape  design in UAE. Your requirements - our concerns

From the moment  contact with the company  for the client is assigned a personal manager. He answers the questions, takes orders, monitors the execution of works. This is a man who always knows exactly what is happening at the site and at what stage is the landscaping.  You do not need to  control the workers or those who manage them. The observance of all the items of the contract monitored by a manager . For the accuracy of the project implementation is responsible a designer, constantly monitoring the situation. You can do your chores, or go on a vacation, on a specific date landscape works will be completed.  Worries that some details will be made not such as you expected? In vain. During the designing stage creates a three-dimensional visualization,which exactly corresponding to the project.This visualization is coordinated with the client in detail and only after making all the necessary edits the contract is concluded, so the emergence of any deviations impossible.

We will be able to surprise you!

For a start, you can simply order the expert advice who carefully examines the territory, make the necessary measurements, listen to suggestions. In the process of communication is always revealed preferences and lifestyle the territory owners, which serves as a basis for further action.Premium Landscape design is based on client's needs and requests. Call - and we'll show you how comfortable will become your life!


  • Vertical  layout, soil movement.
  • Drains, gutters, drainage wells.
  • Lighting Systems.
  • Automatic watering of the area.
  • Fences of any complexity.
  • Automatic gates and forged products for every taste.
  • Pools, ponds, waterfalls, streams.
  • Various kinds of garden paths. - Paving using different materials.
  • Concrete works of any complexity.
  • Lawn (roll, Moorish).
  • Planting trees, gardens - flower beds, rock gardens, rose gardens. - gazebos, barbecue, summer kitchen, tents, bath houses.
  • decorative kitchen gardens, fireplace. 

By entrusting us to a complex of works "turnkey", you will not only win in quality but also save money and time. Our experts will make every effort to  you remembered with gratitude our company when you relaxing on  landscaped site . The choice is yours! The result corresponds to your expectations!

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