Best interior design dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design is to create a luxurious interior, where the family gathered at the same table, sharing a meal.

Now there has been a remarkable trend - in many homes, and even more in private homes create offices, living rooms, and dining rooms. There is another trend: the interior of the dining room quite often combined with a kitchen or a living room, dividing the room into zones. The design rooms that combine several functions - a question that requires a special approach. It is important to harmonize the interiors of rooms in the framework of the apartment design, but it is equally important that the zones do not contradict each other inside the building. For example, if the dining room shares space with the kitchen, the zoning will emphasize the use of different materials for the kitchen area - practical, easy to clean; for dining room - on the contrary, contribute to greater comfort and convenience. It is possible to create two areas for a meal. The bar counter in the kitchen is convenient for breakfast "on the run", and to gather for a joint holiday dinner can and should be at the dinner table in the dining area.
Be great if for the interior dining room will be able to allocate a separate room - it is a great way emphasize the status of the owner and the material prosperity of the family. However, in such a case to the dining room design   should be given maximum attention, so that it is suitable not only for regular family dinners but also for joint celebrations.
The most important part of the design of the dining room - is furniture. We pay maximum attention to this matter. Dining room furniture - dining table and chairs - in such cases are usually put in the center of the room, it gives the interior of the room a particularly solemn look, emphasizes its purpose. It is important to choose the right furniture: it can be made in any pleasing to you style: from the classical and modern,  and ending with futurism or hi-tech. Along the walls can be positioned a variety of home furnishings: sideboards, cupboards, and of course buffets - they can place  a beautiful dish, dishes, crystal.In the interior of the grand dining room is usually placed a counter - a roomy chest of drawers, in which store tableware and textiles, on which is placed a large mirror. The convenient height of the counter allows you to place  on it the clock, porcelain figurines and bronze sculptures, vases with flowers. The set of furniture for the dining room also includes a console, serving tables and stands for flowers or vases. In  such dining room chandelier should also be grand - big and bright, crystal or with pendants of Murano glass.

We use elite furniture of leading manufacturers in our projects

Dining room design which was created by the classical canons of the premium interior will be a wonderful decoration of the interior.Such wonderful furniture compositions are not only exquisitely ennoble its environment, but also provide the maximum functionality of usable space.

Offered to your attention dining rooms that distinguished by the following individual characteristics:

• respectable premium design created in the classic colors of natural precious wood;
• use  Italian facades of top-notch wood treated with several layers of lacquer;
• equipment facades with brand relief stained glass made in Italy, which create a fundamentally new level of aesthetics furniture;
• tastefully selected furniture from the leading manufacturer;
• a special aura created by the presence of high-quality products made of natural wood.
Stylish kitchen-dining room with a bar - another interesting option interior compositions, which are ready to create for you, our talented craftsmen.This solution is ideal for spacious studio apartments, designed to welcome a large number of guests.

Best interior design dining room - a harmony of functionality and convenience

At all times, a kitchen-dining room, photos of which you can see on this page are considered the best option for the organization of living space. This luxury furniture installation reflects the absolute advantages of ageless conservative style, which absorbed the centuries-old tradition of wealthy people striving for ultimate comfort.  Best interior design dining room from Luxury Antonovich Design is a decent choice, allowing to join the subtlety of the noble ancient traditions, framed in modern materials and technology.

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