Our world is changing rapidly. New technologies  the comfort level is getting higher and higher. Unchanged remains a man's desire to surround yourself with beauty. Everyone wants to be individual and have their own unique decor. Interior design companies in Muscat offer more and more creative solutions.And our studio Luxury Antonovich Design Design offers a new vision of luxury and splendor.

Main fashion trends in interior design today is:

  • Palette of light colors
  • New technology in the walls decoration
  • Open spaces with perfect organization
  • Improvisation with lighting
  • Combining different materials and textures

In this article, we want to talk about a new villa project in Muscat. The first impression that leaves a luxurious interior, the feeling of lightness, happiness, and tenderness . The first floor of the villa is an open space that includes a cozy living room, luxury dining room, functional kitchen and a luxurious lounge. The basis of designers Interior design companies in Muscat took  cream-colored hues. This creates a feeling of tenderness and warmth in the interior.
Ceiling Design sets the festive mood. The snow-white surface of ceiling decorated with overlaid openwork ornaments, magnificent crystal chandeliers, and additional spotlights.

Luxury curtains in a classic style in perfect harmony with the furniture upholstery. Soft sofas and chairs are decorated with a carved pattern with gilding. Interior designers skillfully improvise with ornaments, repeating them on the ceiling and on the floor. Graceful white marble staircase that leads to the second floor of the villa became the luxurious interior decoration.It is decorated with marvelous forged balustrade with gilding. Colorful accents have become the innovative development from designers Luxury Antonovich Design studio. This decorative panels of glass are treated with the new laser technology. They look like real diamonds in this tender and cozy space.Inserts of this glass also decorated furniture.

Luxury dining room interior perfectly reflects the warmth and hospitality of the owners of the house. The large dining table is surrounded by upholstered chairs with a noble posture. In order to harmonize the geometry of the luxury space , the designers used round marble columns with inserts made of crystal and backlights. Luxury Gloss enhances by mirrored panels with patch openwork ornaments of metal, which is covered with gold leaf. This is a luxurious and incredibly beautiful interior, which will undoubtedly be a source of happiness for the owners.








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