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Best exterior house design - it is a sign of quality excellence. The essential part when creating projects of luxury homes, Luxury Antonovich Design, it is a demonstration of tangible opportunities for their owners.One of the priority directions in vogue - historic architecture.The Fashion of the architecture of the past centuries explained by the fact that the old mansions were the family nest, embodies the idea of the continuity of family relationships, family strength.Projects of luxury homes and cottages in the retro styles convey a certain philosophy and perspective on life. Such facilities are beautiful, harmonious, create an atmosphere of stability, balance, reliability, and durability. Designing luxury homes based on historical style involves the use of decoration as stone, plaster, concrete, or from synthetic materials, such as polyurethane. You can create projects of luxury homes and cottages in a wide variety of styles,  which explained   due to their individual features , the author's approach based on a specific understanding  of the quality of the home, his comfort, as well as those features that will give the prestigious category to the construction.

A feature of the house in addition to its architecture, is a night illumination, which at night gives to the house the ease, creates a feeling of floating.

Elite house exterior design projects by Luxury Antonovich Design it is  inspiring projects among customers of luxury homes and cottages.A lot of tends to use the possibilities of the construction of new materials and technologies to create a modern design.In this regard, the latest trends in the construction and design of luxury cottages and villas - is avant-garde trends of architecture.
Project facade of the house shall conform to many requirements and include a variety of additional elements of the decor. To increase the level of detail and ensure the visibility of the project, in our work we use modern computer technology.3D design allows you to create different visual effects, allowing you to produce a wider simulation, pick up the texture  of decorating elements. By providing the visibility, computer technologies  helping to choose the material of decoration of facades.

We offer exterior design according to an individual project

exterior house design - it is a product for the most demanding and reputable customers, who know the value of comfort, quality, and respect for his own high status. We are ready to listen to you carefully, and pragmatically implement all your plans from the development of conceptual design, to a complex construction, equipment ,and decoration of the premises of your luxury homes.
We are happy to fulfill any task for  you. For us, nothing is impossible for us important the goal and  your desire to see the object in the way you imagine it by yourself.We are not afraid of responsibility and complex objects, our task is to implement your every whim in aesthetic and functional terms, is not to go beyond the agreed budget and construction time.
The end result - it is a built luxury house with a landscaped site - for you, it is the habitat of the Great man with high ideals and subtle energy, a house where you and your family will feel the peace of mind, comfort and safety. A modern luxury vacation home is the key to longevity and happiness, peace of mind, a source of vitality for the prosperity, new achievements and new heights.

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