Any fan of interior design knows that curtains are one of the easiest ways to give the room a bright and individual look. Decorators of curtains salon Luxury Antonovich Design will help to "write" your own interior design, one that suits you and your lifestyle.

Design curtains where to start?

When sewing curtains by individual order, first of all, take into account the purpose of the room. It should help to decide is ideal for a living room, what look good in the bedroom and kitchen. In addition, consider the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, the style of the interior and some other details.

The general rule is this: the smaller the room, the less flashy the curtains should be.

In the bedroom, focus on the density of the curtains, which will successfully contribute your sleep in the morning hours. You should prefer muted tones of colors such as pink, peach, beige or burgundy, brown, indigo. But do not forget that your window will not always be curtained for sure you will need a tulle that gently dissipates the sunlight. Your living room will look gorgeous if you decorate it with elite curtains made of velvet, silk, brocade, decorated with lambrequins and hand embroidered. No less harmonious will look Roman curtains. We recommend that you pay attention to the curtains photos for the living room, perhaps ready-made solutions will help you with a choice or inspire a new idea. For the kitchen, as a rule, buy curtains, focusing on the color of wallpaper and furniture. Well, this is a very convenient and win-win choice. Nevertheless, the curtains design for the kitchen with a modern interior, we recommend the Roman curtains - simple, functional and elegant, or Japanese curtains are minimalistic and unpretentious in care.

All this variety of options is waiting for you in the curtains salon the Luxury Antonovich Design.

Sewing curtains to order: why is it worth make an order exactly from us? Surely your search engine at the request "sewing curtains UAE" will give out more than a hundred bright pages with attractive advertising and price. What distinguishes us from a number of others? Why is the making of curtains in the Salon Luxury Antonovich Design - is the right solution for you? LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN works only with quality fabrics (linen, silk, velvet), creating masterpieces from fabrics of the best trademarks of Italy, Germany, Spain. As well as considering all modern trends. A wide selection of elite curtains, which for a long time retain "freshness" and do not change color. All prices for materials and services are stipulated in the contract.

Our professional tailors are able to embody any design refinement. Experienced designers will give the house a unique style, by decorating windows in the premises in a special way. It does not matter for us the size of your wallet. We are able to find an approach to every client, whether it is a restaurant owner or an office worker. In our work, we use only high-quality accessories and fabrics at reasonable prices in the UAE. A wide choice of nice accessories is presented in a wide range of colors. This small addition will give your curtains a complete look. Employees of LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN favorably distinguished by professionalism, patience, and tact. For any questions, you can get a full consultation. Also, when ordering the tailoring of curtains in the UAE, we provide the installation of curtain rods and curtains.

Sewing curtains in UAE: advantages.

Of course, it is always easier to buy ready-made curtains, saving on the price. But is it really necessary? See for yourself, when tailoring curtains to individual order for you are available a greater color range of fabrics, the ability to assess their density and quality, as well as non-standard sizes. Not in vain is the meaning of the name of our curtains salon Luxury Antonovich Design - "right choice", so dear buyers, make your choice as it should, and we will help you in this.

Buy curtains easily! See for yourself. We will be glad to see you among our customers.

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