Continuing a house design concept, a stylish bedroom interior by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio becomes a worthy decoration of the house. The same luxury and splendor, with nice and comfortable features. The same dignity, gentility and grandeur, but here they look particularly tempting. And it is so wonderful to wake up in the morning in the interior, surrounded by beauty and sophistication. Luxury ceilings are designed to make a good mood. Waking up, you catch sight of the ceiling design and its aesthetic perfection, and after these pleasant moments, a day is sure to be wonderful. The invariable attribute of luxury and comfort is a wall panel, which in this project, the interior design consultants proposed to make of mirrors. The talent and imagination of the designers make each bedroom interior design absolutely unique. A lot of beautiful materials, textures and decorative elements in the designers' hands turned into the perfect beauty. The main heroine of bedroom interior is a luxurious bed. The high upholstered headboard is decorated with a soft velvet panel. Deep marks make it particularly charming.

Bedroom design fascinates with its beauty. This is a real luxury with seductive touches.

These are really beautiful moments when time stops when you become absolutely happy and you know that the world belongs only to you. These are the feelings and emotions that you get from the luxury bedroom interior design. Katrina Antonovich brilliantly combines features of charming classics, festive art deco, and modern style. This wonderful trio "sings in unison" the melody of the new era of luxury. In the bedroom, there is a large mirrored panel on the wall, which makes it even more spacious, reflecting  gorgeous interior features. With the ceiling, the interior designer exquisitely defined areas. The interior is warm and comfortable. The textile design played a major role in this interior too. Bright accents of curtains and bedspreads made the interior very impressive. The decor corresponds to the concise classics. This design wins hearts with its harmony and beauty.

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