Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio create true masterpieces of modern art. And a luxurious bedroom is designed for a villa in Nigeria. The combination of a modern style and Art Deco became a basis of the villa interior design. All bedroom decor ideas are unique and reflect a charm of a modern luxury. A master bedroom is impressive in every element of the interior with beautiful accents.

In this article, we want to take a closer look at the following points of the bedroom decoration:

  • Ceiling Design
  • Wall Decor
  • Floor Design
  • Furniture

Ceiling Design

Ceiling decor has become a way of space zoning. With niches, lights, and chandeliers, the interior designers have identified major and minor areas. All lighting elements are arranged so that the bedroom at any time of a day can set a particular mood, from the bright colors of a sunny day to muted notes of a cozy evening. The ceiling decor is all about clarity of lines and shapes. Bright accents are niches with black tension elements, elegant chandeliers, and lines of hidden illumination.

Wall Decor

The wall's design in the bedroom interior elegantly repeats windows design and floor decoration. The project authors perfectly improvise with materials, textures, colors, and lighting. Panels of natural marble, solid wood, and onyx inlay are combined perfectly. The wall decor behind a headboard with a family logo looks very noble. This beautifully emphasizes the nobility and aristocracy.

Floor Design

The floor design is a multi-faceted solution, which takes into account a configuration of a room. A sleeping area is raised on a low podium, which is outlined with natural onyx. This became a basis of a perfect harmony in the interior. The floor is fully decorated with light natural marble. To soften the cool marble in the bedroom interior, the project authors proposed a soft natural carpet of a light-beige shade.


Luxury furniture has become one of the main interior decoration. A big comfortable bed with a high headboard is exquisitely decorated with precious silk of coffee color and stylish accessories. On round bedside tables, lamps of the same fabric look very elegant. An oval pouf with similar accents complements this composition. The master bedroom has got much space. That’s why it was possible to complete the interior with a large rest area with sofas and armchairs at a window.

All bedroom decor ideas reflect the perfect combination of brilliant design ideas, modern technology, and absolute comfort.