Architectural design and design of various complexity - the main services of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, Architecture - an activity that allows you transform an environment to the art object. Such objectives as architectural design and design of various premises, the studio Luxury Antonovich Design successfully solves for more than fifteen years.

Designing houses and cottages perform by the studio professionally and qualitatively

For more than fifteen years, the studio has been designing houses and cottages of various sizes and budgets. Each of our projects are unique objects with original design findings. We work in different architectural styles, considering wishes of customers and based on the three principles of creating a harmonious space: durability, usefulness, and beauty.

Architectural design, the cost of which in our studio corresponds to the quality of the work performed

Studio Luxury Antonovich Design is actively and successfully engaged in architecture and design. We implemented many projects of varying complexity. Note, that architectural design - the cost and all costs of works on its implementation - depends on many factors.

The interior design performed at a high professional level

One of the main activities of the studio is the interior design of different styles and purposes - its careful elaboration. Interior design is an interesting task for any professional"How to create a cozy house? How to make an office space comfortable? How to visually expand space in a small room?".

Design and project of houses of any complexity will be performed by professional the studio's designers

Such works as the design of the cottage project of any complexity are carried out by the studio specialists at the highest level. We create projects in the field of architecture and design in different styles. Having accumulated considerable experience, we can safely say that the works created by us are distinguished by original design and functional convenience.

The cost of the interior design depends on a lot of factors. We offer matching the price and quality of services.

Interior design is one of the main activities of the studio. Calculating the cost of the interior design for your premises, you must consider the cost of materials for its implementation and the work of specialists on this project. For many years the offer of our studio is the conformity of the price and quality of the works performed.

Expensive interior design, studio professionals will perform at a high level

The studio's experience in interior design is quite big. Coming up with the decoration of the interior, we can create a chic expensive interior design of any complexity, and a more simple, but no less stylish design. The high cost of the project is always justified by the result obtained and saves the client's money.

Quality interior design of any complexity is provided by our studio

Our studio helps you to make your dreams come true in the creation of the interiorFor many years we have been creating unique quality interior design for our customers. In the portfolio on the website are examples of our work. The basis of design creating in our studio is a skillful combination of classical construction and new trends. Individual project of the house will be created for you by specialists of our studio. Everybody would like to have the home of his dream. But how to create exactly what you want? Who can make an individual project of a cottage of any complexity that will be beautiful and stylish, yet comfortable, meeting all modern requirements? If you want to get answers to these questions, please contact us. Apartment, an individual project of which you can be ordered from the studio, will be convenient and original. The architectural design of Luxury Antonovich Design - the scope of our studio activity. We provide various services for creating unique projects of cottages and residential apartments. If you need a modern apartment, the individual project, which you do not know where to order, contact us.

The services of the architect and designer are provided by our studio. We create for you convenience and comfort

Our mood is influenced by many factors, including what surrounds us, that is, the environment. Today we have many opportunities to make our places of living comfortable and cozy. In this, you will benefit from the services of architects and designers from the architecture studio Katrina Antonovich.

The services of the interior designer are offered to you by our studio. We will help you realize your ideas in design

For more than fifteen years we have been working in the field of design and architecture. Today we are pleased to offer you quality interior designer services for designing of any interior and exterior decoration. Our professionals will create for you the interior of any room. We make the design that is good not only from the aesthetic point of view but also convenient from the functional side.

Vip interior design of any room will be created for you by professionals of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design

Furnishings in the office or other commercial premises is not just a set of pieces of furniture, but part of the company's image. If we are talking about a private house, it is a reflection of the owner's mind, his interests, and hobbies. Studio Luxury Antonovich Design offers VIP interior design of any space.  High quality interior design from the studio professionals will transform any room. Professional interior design transforms any space. It makes it comfortable for life and pleasant from an aesthetic point of view. To combine the latest technical innovations with the classical tradition, to simple decorate the room and at the same time exquisitely - not easy tasks that only high-class specialists can cope with.

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