A timeless classic, eternal beauty, sublimity, and perfection. Classic-style interiors for centuries have been embodying eternal and immutable values of art, success, and honor.

Luxury Residence in Dubai has become one of the most ambitious projects of Luxury Antonovich Design studio. We suggest taking the magnificent apartments virtual tour. This inspiring interior will become the new masterpiece of palatial luxury, which is not is subject to neither time nor taste alterations. The designers took a challenge to create a real family nest, which will delight more than one generation of the family. The scope of the project is such enormous that it may be described as a palatial residence. Inspired of Katrina Antonovich by the great architects who worked in the classical style, performing luxurious interiors of English and French palaces. We have created a unique image of a gorgeous classic, which has all the traditional features and at the same time acquired some modern trends.

Thus, every interior story begins with the hall. In this design project of the villa, it becomes not only the beginning but also the culmination of this. Luxurious space decorated by double marble staircase with forged balustrade and beautiful marble railing. High windows let in a sufficient amount of daylight. This vivid marble stairs and floors with carved patterns shown in all its beauty. Interior majestic and aristocratic "straightens shoulders" and adjust on the right perception of space from the first seconds of stay in the house. Stairway represents the way to success and happiness. This composition is crowned by a ceiling with decorative painting in the style of the great Raphael's paintings. Niches with large vases, pilasters with capitals and stucco paintings. This beautiful attributes of walls decor.

This majestic beauty continued in a large living room with fireplace and grand piano. If the base of floor decor in the hall was noble marble with carved patterns, for the living room interior designers offered a rather picturesque solution in the form of artistic parquet made of precious wood. Parquet and marble are very durable materials that with proper care can serve for centuries. Such materials are easy to repair. That is why they are chosen in a classic style for luxury interiors.

Interior living room underlines the fact that guests are always welcome, and every evening will be filled with warmth and sincerity. In the interior, there are a few amazingly beautiful accents. This design parquet, incredibly beautiful stained glass and modern accents of lighting, thanks to which the stucco decoration plays a magnificent chiaroscuro. A wave of soft lambrequins of tender blue silk had decorated curtains. And soft furniture upholstered with padded textiles and golden patterns.

Complement the residence such premises as a library room, an office, a room for tea parties, several bedrooms, a luxury kitchen, a large dining room and other rooms. Each of them, we describe in detail in other articles. Now, let's stop and look at the respectable working office of the family head. Agree, it is in these offices is decided world history and brilliant ideas are born. The classic combination of emerald green and brown wood gives the room a cozy and at the same time business-like appearance. The peculiarity of the room was the presence of several large windows. Thus, the working office space has become more open and filled with daylight. Natural parquet, carpet and soft corner with soft furnishings are designed to give comfortable moments of relaxation, which is so important for effective operation.

Another feature of the project home design in the classical style was the design of a large home library. Soft sofas are upholstered in leather. Furniture made of wood valuable species inlaid carved decoration with gold. The ceiling is decorated with lush stucco decoration. The perfect organization of space and large windows will always contribute to the comfortable pastime reading favorite books.

Majestically and adequately interior emphasizes the most important - the high status of home owners, their impeccable taste and the desire to surround himself with beauty and comfort. We are honored with the help of interior design and architectural design to capture the story of a noble family, and to create for them an ideal habitat.

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