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Bespoke Carpets Manufacturing


Custom-made carpets with an exclusive design of original sizes and shapes are one of many specializations of Luxury Antonovich Design Company. A designer custom-made carpet is a unique piece of decor that is created for the style of a particular room; its design takes into account the size, shape, furniture arrangement and the customer's wishes. Such carpets give beauty and luxury, softness, a sense of family warmth and security. In the carpet production we use the manual traditions of carpet weaving and expensive luxury materials.

Katrina Antonovich - Best Carpets Designer

Our company has its own factory of hand-woven carpets and wool; handmade carpets are made here for individual orders. Our peculiarity is that for the manufacture of our carpets we use personal yarn. This gives confidence in the result and the quality of our work. We combine the work of high-tech equipment with human resources and ideas. Our difference from others is that we work on individual design projects.


Custom-made carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design are characterized not only by unique designs, but also by the use of manual labor in production and the use of elite natural materials. In the process of carpet manufacture we use environmentally friendly threads of the highest quality: luxurious cashmere, one hundred percent New Zealand wool, delicate silk. We also offer materials of artificial origin, such as soft acrylic, which do not cause allergies and give pleasant tactile sensations.

The color palette has more than 1000 colors with a variety of shades found in the industry. Also, thanks to our own yarn dyeing lab and factory, customers are able to order any color of desired carpet. Hand-made carpets are our main type of production, but we also can offer other different kinds - such as hand-knotted carpets and hand-woven carpets. Our carpet production is very diverse and multifaceted. Come to our showroom, and see it. Our company knows how to feel the desire of each customer and to be on the same wavelength with him.

Applied technologies at the factory for the production of individual carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— manual tufting (the main advantage is unlimited possibilities, drawing of any complexity);

— a multi-level carpet (the original solution. The pile height varies from 15 to 75 mm, the longest one is at the Shaggy carpets);

— exclusive decor (use of inserts made of leather, metal, wood, decorative crystals);

— application (connection of parts of finished carpets in fancy shapes).

Experts of Luxury Antonovich Design will be able to realize your dreams of a perfect interior! Become the owner of an exclusive piece of decor, a real masterpiece of carpet art, which will be designed and manufactured individually for you.

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