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Bentley Furniture


Luxury Antonovich Design is very delightful to introduce one of the finest luxury furniture brands– the Bentley Home collection. To be able to represent luxury Italian furniture Dubai was indeed such a great privilege to our company. That even there are numerous Italian Furniture stores in Dubai, representing the Bentley home furniture collection has always been a great pleasure for the company. Just like the other furniture collections of Luxury Antonovich Design, Bentley home furniture as well as the other Italian furniture online Dubai is where the clients inside and outside Dubai can do their design selections. Luxury Antonovich Design has the best furniture stores in Dubai – “Luxury Antonovich Home” which is showcasing different types of Italian Furniture design including Bentley Furniture.


Bentley Furniture has signature lines and curves that are translated into a new kind of home design language with the Bentley Home range. From spectacular bedroom and lounge furniture to exquisite accessories, each modern design is created in Italy by highly skilled artisans. The current Bentley Home Collection represents the companys new direction, which is based on a desire to push craftsmanship to new heights, as well as a drive to use rare and cutting-edge materials.

Bentley Furniture is the new face of luxury and elegance, delivering the highest level of craftsmanship and art in each and every piece of furniture. Bentley furniture was truly a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, with a high degree of luxury style straight from the hands of Italian artisan furniture designers and manufacturers. Bentley workmanship and material choices are combined with the meticulous design of one of Europes premier luxury furniture producers in this unique line of Bentley furniture and home ware. Bentley furniture and homewares are influenced by the Bentley automobile interiors traditional workmanship and material choices.

With a very luxury design produced particularly for the Bentley home furniture collection, Bentley Furniture Design has been one of the top picks of every worldwide customer to fulfill their household with the extremely trendy design of furniture set in every living room, dining room, and bedroom. Because Bentley furniture is inspired by the interior design of Bentley automobiles, any Bentley car enthusiast will always want to incorporate Bentley home furniture into their homes primary design. The luxury Antononovich Design team is constantly mindful of the value of each clients individual preferences in order to create the most unique interior design arrangement in each property.

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