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Bentley Home Exclusive Still Life Collection


The ideal blend of design and usefulness throughout your home will be achieved by mixing comfort and style with your furniture offers in Dubai. Comfort is an excellent rule of thumb to follow in the places where you spend the most time, such as your family room and bedroom. In rooms you dont use as often, such as the formal living and dining areas, you should put more emphasis on style. Because you are more likely to keep comfortable products around for a longer period of time, it makes more sense to spend your money on these items rather than on trendier items to complement your homes decor. Colors and fabrics should be chosen based on your lifestyle. My enormous, active dog, for example, is constantly climbing on the furniture offers in Dubai. A white suede couch would be ripped apart and soiled in minutes if I brought it home. Stick to dark hues and stain-resistant strong fabrics like linen or tweed if you have children or dogs. The legs should be solid wood and jointed, not nailed, to the sofa or chair structure. Plastic, rubber, or metal legs dont look as good, can rip up your floors, and arent as durable. The same can be said for wood legs that have been nailed in place. Look for a sofa with conventional coiled springs if you prefer firm seating. Choose zigzag coils if you prefer a gentler feel.


Theres something about going to a home and design store that makes you want to be an adult—minus the mundane obligations that come with it. You go by that lovely window display and eventually enter the store, where you try to visualize all the lovely items you could decorate your future house with. Solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood are the three types of wood furniture offers in Dubai. Solid wood furniture offers in Dubai is often more expensive than other types, and while it looks fantastic, it is prone to scratches and water stains. Veneers have a low-cost wood base with multiple thin layers of higher-quality wood on top. Veneers are less expensive than full wood pieces due to the cheaper core. Drawers and cabinets should be opened. Make that the drawer pulls out completely, latches securely, and closes evenly. Make sure the doors open, stay open (rather than closing while youre trying to retrieve anything out of the cabinet), and then close. Examine the knobs and handles. They should not wiggle or turn and should fit snugly. Look for wood that is not glued or nailed in at the ends and corners. These pieces are studier and can withstand more weight, and are known in the manufacturing world as wood joinery.


If you own a home, its likely that its your most valuable asset, with a car close after. Following that, youve most likely spent the most on furniture offers in Dubai. The stakes arent as great if you buy an uncomfortable chair as they are if you buy a mediocre house or a lemon car, but youll be spending hundreds of dollars on furniture offers in Dubai over time. So keep these tips in mind the next time you go furniture offers in Dubai shopping. Look for firm cushions that have a matching detachable cover on both sides. Cushions that are firmer hold up better over time. Cushions with the design on one side and a plain white or tan backing are more expensive than those with the pattern on one side and a plain white or tan backing.

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