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Amazing exterior design Dubai


Often when developing the concept of a future country house, the question arises about the design and style features of the central facade, which largely determines the structure of the whole house. Classics, according to art historians, is a history-tested style that creates a comfortable environment for humans. If you are just looking for ideas for repair and arrangement, or if you already know for sure that the facade of the house in the classical style is your option, the beautiful exteriors of the houses in the classical style by Luxury Antonovich Design are the best examples of competent design and layout.

Building exteriors made in classics have the necessary decor elements, for example:

  • white stone columns;
  • balustrades;
  • cornices;
  • parapets;
  • bas-reliefs;
  • all kinds of stucco decoration.

Refinement makes it possible to integrate the architectural design of a building into any landscape or building.

Due to the fact that modern technology does not stand still, you can create an attractive private house in classic style in Dubai without using heavy materials. Thanks to this, the building will not be overloaded, and its weight will not change much after decorating the exterior. The facade elements decorating the walls in classical style can be made of natural, composite and artificial materials. Among them are natural and artificial stone, gypsum, concrete, polyurethane.


The classical style in architecture by Luxury Antonovich Design always remains popular, and the demand for it does not decrease over time. According to analytical studies, every third private house located outside the city has a penchant for classical style. Despite this popularity, each of the houses has its own unique charm and original appearance, demonstrating the subtlety of the taste of homeowner.

In our dynamic time, comfort and practicality come to the fore, which is why when building houses in classical style, Luxury Antonovich Design often gives preference to hinged ventilated facades. The practical owner understands that the hinged facades in the arrangement of the exterior help significantly increase the energy efficiency of the building and look really elegant.

The fashion for environmental friendliness has not spared the classic facades. The use of natural materials is more relevant than ever. At the same time, modern industrial technologies make it possible to copy natural materials and make it possible to choose the type of cladding based on the budget. Today Luxury Antonovich Design offers facing materials of classical facades: natural and artificial stone, wood, fiberglass concrete, volumetric ceramics — everything for your taste and style.

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